The Parador Santa Maria La Real Hotel, a story bound to Sucre’s Past

The Parador Santa Maria La Real is like few other hotels in the world, and is unique in Bolivia because of its history. The past has provided impressive architecture and historic atmosphere. When you walk through its corridors, terraces and underground passages you can’t help feeling that you are in 19th century Sucre and imagine the events that took place here and the decisions that changed the destiny of the city.

Part of the stately 19th century mansion was built over one wing of what was the palace of the Real Audiencia de Charcas, the highest judicial and administrative tribunal of the Spanish Crown during colonial times. This tribunal had jurisdiction over a large territory that later made up the countries of Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and the northern parts of Argentina and Chile. The singular architecture resulting from this prestigious past was preserved during the meticulous restoration and rehabilitation of the mansion.

patio-rojo watanay

Each place and room of the hotel honors this history and attempts to recreate this particular ambiance. Who knows what went on between its walls?

The big find was during the restoration ten years ago that the new owners Sandra Pascual and Luis Rodriguez discovered the underground rooms and passages, which now display precious antique furniture, historical artifacts and can be used for dramatic dinners and cocktail parties.